The Most Effective Words for Email Campaigns

The Most Effective Words for Email Campaigns

If you’re needing advice for your email campaigns, look no further. The team at 24 Communications wrote this blog post to teach you the words you need and the words you need to avoid. Also check out this video they made to go along with the post. The Forge team loves learning from our members like 24c. Read on!


We all know that words have power, but when it comes to your business’s email marketing campaigns, do you really know which words will encourage your subscribers to act, buy, and/or give?


Believe it or not, a few small tweaks to changing how you write your emails just might be the key to increasing engagement. By using more influential words, you can push your subscribers to take the action your email campaign intends to ignite. You’ve landed in your customers’ inboxes; now it’s time for some reciprocation.


The experts at 24 Communications are here to help you uncover the most powerful words and phrases to use for your email marketing campaigns – the ones that ensure maximum effectiveness.



How to use powerful words in your email campaigns


To better help you identify the most powerful email subject line words for your email campaigns, consider these helpful tips:


1. Lead with emotion

Avoid the overused click-bait jargon and aim to appeal to your audience’s emotions instead. Consider the pain points of your customer base and how they will feel when your product or service helps solve that problem. These are the emotions that will increase the power of your email content.


Think of adding some of these pain point healing words in your email campaign subject:

  • Tired of feeling [X]
  • Grr!
  • [X] doesn’t have to be hard
  • Make [X] fun again
  • Ugh!
  • Learn to love [X] again
  • [X] survival guide
  • [X] 101



2. Dig further into the pain point


If you prefer to cut right to the chase and want to leave emotion to the solution, dig into the pain point to show how you can make your customers’ problem or struggle painless. Instead of going with “wow” words, target specifically what your ideal customers care about.


Effective email campaign words that center around pain points and/or solutions include:


  • Ready
  • Beat
  • Advance
  • Save
  • Develop
  • Complete
  • Avoid
  • Change
  • Escape
  • Improve
  • Gain
  • Faster
  • Easier
  • Sooner


3. Keep it in the now


Call to action. Call to action. Call to action! We can’t stress it enough.


Words and phrases that inspire a sense of urgency instantly make your emails and subject lines more powerful. You can spark urgency without using all caps or a gazillion exclamation points. Try incorporating these words into your email campaigns:


  • Now
  • Fast
  • Save your spot
  • Limited time
  • Before tickets run out
  • Limited supply
  • First come, first serve
  • Be the first
  • The clock is ticking
  • Don’t miss [X]
  • Before [X] is gone





4. Make it personal


Throw third person out the window. Your email campaigns become more compelling when you address your customers personally. The intimacy, so to speak, gives your message a personal feel.


This viewpoint can make your subscriber feel like you’re speaking to them exclusively, rather than a group of people. Try these words on for size:


  • You
  • Your
  • Our
  • Us
  • All of us
  • We
  • Together, we…


5. Show them you care


A little goes a long way – in life and in your emails. Show your customers a little love by using appreciative words in your email campaigns and subject lines.


When you reach a new goal, thank your customers with a new deal, host a customer appreciation event, or send a kind email thanking new subscribers for signing up. And don’t forget to use these:


  • Thank you
  • Thanks
  • You’re the best
  • We appreciate you
  • Couldn’t have done it without you
  • Here’s a reward
  • You deserve this
  • Because you helped us [X], we’re giving you [Y]
  • You’re awesome
  • Because of you, [X]
  • Thanks to you, [X]



More tips for effective email campaigns…


Don’t get lost in the inbox abyss of personal messages, promotions, spam sales, news pushes, and more. Here are some more words we suggest using in your email campaign subject line to help you stand out:

  • Secrets
  • Tips
  • Effective
  • Learn how to [X] with this guide
  • The [X] you’ve been waiting for

Words and characters to avoid


Just steer clear whenever you can:

  • Free
  • Buy
  • Purchase
  • Order
  • Urgent
  • Exclamation points !!!!!
  • Dollar signs $$$



Keep in mind that the ‘rules’ for powerful words are not all black and white. In fact, the most powerful words for emails and their subject lines will vary by industry, and according to what’s being offered and who it’s being offered to.


What works for one business may not work for another, and what works for one brand’s personality may not work for another. The key really getting to know your audience base and what appeals to them. Use these guidelines and apply them to your business, then use your metrics to test, measure, and optimize the most powerful words for your email campaigns.


Need some more help? We’ve got your back! The experts at 24 Communications specialize in everything from email campaigns and newsletters to the development and implementation of marketing plans with copy and design that is maximized for sharable content. We find strategic ways to leverage your content across multiple platforms to maximize your brand reach.


Get in touch with the experts at 24 Communications today. We can’t wait to work with you!

Coworking Spaces in Birmingham

Coworking Spaces in Birmingham

With so much growth in businesses today, new and innovative ideas are leading to more startups and independent businesses. According to Huffington Post, 33% of the current workforce is independent or freelance, and this number is projected to grow to 40% by 2020. Because of this, more people are ditching traditional office spaces and overcrowded coffee shops and moving into the flexible atmosphere of a shared workspace.


With Birmingham quickly becoming a growing hub for entrepreneurs and small businesses owners, people are constantly searching for a more relaxed, enjoyable, and communal place to work.


The answer? Coworking spaces.


We’ve sifted through the options and compiled a list of the top coworking spaces in Birmingham.

1. Forge


Located right above the Pizitz Food Hall, Forge offers a unique layout that is both architecturally captivating and engaging with its members. Lots of natural light, free Revelator coffee, and a modern atmosphere overlooking the city gives Forge an edge over other spaces.


A membership at Forge includes a number of things: a flexible workspace, conference rooms, private offices, member events and best of all, a network of business leaders. With breakthrough sessions, Lunch and Learns, and Member spotlights, Forge encourages member engagement and creates a network that leaves a lasting impact on the community.



As the first professional coworking space in downtown Birmingham, Forge finishes as number one on our list. So head to the Pizitz, grab a bite to eat, and come work at Forge!

2. The Hub

Located in West Homewood, The Hub is a coworking spot that offers a communal work space, conference rooms, and event spaces.



Aside from free Wifi and unlimited Seeds coffee, The Hub offers a community. The Hub takes it a step further in redefining the value of collaborative coworking – with a lounge area, putt putt course, and communal garden, the Hub encourages collaborative relationships within its members. Their focus is on the people, making it a rich experience.




We build together, create together, dream together, imagine, re-imagine, redefine, and give life to the unimaginable.”



Check it out here.


3. MAKEbhm


A makerspace in the heart of Avondale is the perfect spot for creatives and artists looking for a place to work. With studios, class offerings, and retail spaces, MAKEbhm draws in creatives and gives them access to equipment they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.



Though primarily a studio space, MAKEbhm does have the option for a creative coworking membership. With an entire floor dedicated to coworking, members have access to the lounge area, conference rooms, community tables, and private offices.





MAKEbhm provides the free Wifi, coffee, tools, and space – you provide the inspiration.


4. Innovation Depot


Innovation Depot: Birmingham’s home for startups. With all 140,000 square feet dedicated to housing technology, startups, and entrepreneurs in the Birmingham area, Innovation Depot gives business owners a competitive advantage in growing their business.


Innovation Depot provides a coworking space for members to work alongside other entrepreneurs. With conference rooms and assigned desks available, members are able to take advantage of space and resources needed to promote their business. Want access to seminars and events, fast Wifi, and an affordable spot to work? Check out Innovation Depot.
Your Big Idea: Forge Pitch Night!

Your Big Idea: Forge Pitch Night!

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Forge for our first ever pitch night! We love hearing about the exciting businesses that are growing out of the Magic City! Your Big Idea was a huge success and we are excited to start planning the next one. If you weren’t able to join us, here’s a recap of the event!




Our 3 Panelists: Buddy Palmer, Lakey Boyd and Jacqueline Jones


First, happy hour of course! Drinks and snacks provided by our sponsor, ServisFirst Bank! Then we heard 4 minute pitches from 4 different presenters. We allowed for a quick Q&A with the crowd and our 3 panelists gave feedback on each presentation.


Donnie Garvich with Two Ravens


The Two Ravens team is based out of Forge! They are a technical innovation firm that provides R&D and Product Development services. Two Ravens works with partners to solve their most complex problems. By combining decades of technical experience with an empathetic, research-based approach, they aim to improve lives by creating not just great products, but engaging experiences.



Kala Northrup with Match Chocolate


Match Chocolate is a small batch bean-to-bar chocolate maker right here in Birmingham! They take cocoa beans and thoughtfully craft chocolate with a sense of place, highlighting the natural flavors of different parts of the world. With just cocoa beans and cane sugar Kala makes single origin chocolate bars, truffles and pastry provisions. The name Match Chocolate comes from the pairings created that showcase the differences found within just two ingredients ethically sourced, separated by geography and matched in flavor.



Erin Holtz with Refueled


Refueled is an all inclusive fitness app partnering with the best health and wellness businesses to provide members with their very own customizable fitness, health, and wellness plans. The Refueled technology offers packages to relax, to recover, and to refresh because we feel as though it is important to refuel your body in each of these ways. You can choose the fitness package that best fits your needs. Each week you will pick your classes that will fit into your schedule. Then simply walk in the studio, check in or purchase your service!



Stanley Stevenson of Stevenson Design


Stevenson Design works to improve home and business environments through thorough, thoughtful design. With a Bachelors degree in Interior Design, Stanley began working as a draftsman and 3D modeler. He moved into space planning and logistics management. With a decade of experience in managing people and processes, Stanley is available to help small businesses with anything from interior design to web design and digital strategy.



Thank you to ServisFirst Bank for sponsoring the first Your Big Idea event! We loved hosting and meeting new professionals in Birmingham. We’re already looking forward to the next event with another group of entrepreneurs!

Managing a global business from Birmingham? Thanks to Forge, it’s easy!

Managing a global business from Birmingham? Thanks to Forge, it’s easy!

We wanted to highlight this article written by James Ozment for Bham Now! Learn more about Race Quest and why their co-founder decided to base this global business out of Forge.


RaceQuest orients itself around one idea: “train and race with the pros.”  I interviewed Co-Founder Kelli Eldridge to learn how this world-class training camp and race touring company based itself in Birmingham!



Offering training camps, active vacations, retreats, and providing custom training camps for individuals, RaceQuest helps people have fun and enjoy their race day.  After training comes travel. A RaceQuest coach goes over the race, especially the cycling aspect with all its twists and turns, and give them an insider’s edge.


The night before Race Day, the coach also leads a guided, calm, visualized mapping of race day so competitors will be mentally prepared.  It’s a long day, no matter how gifted you are! But the endeavor doesn’t just challenge the athlete. Their families also need a plan, and often a guide.


“We take care of everything for the athlete and their family, and the only thing we can’t do is race for them.”


An especially popular trip is Challenge Roth, which is the world’s most popular triathlon (it’s like Germany’s Super Bowl).  RaceQuest helps people get out of their comfort zone, have fun, and enjoy their race day. The company handles food, lodging, even transportation.  And the results are obvious: “Many people have joined our tours and had their best performance, ever. And they’ve generously credited us with being able to help them achieve that.”



When was your company founded?


In October of 2012, I think like any good entrepreneurial endeavour, it started with fulfilling a need, and then sketching it out on a napkin.  All our clients say the same thing, “we will never do another triathlon like this without RaceQuest.”


There’s so much around the race that draws your energy away, and you need every bit of energy you can muster for race day.  My Co-Founders and I met, actually, in Hawaii. We all happened to be at the IRONMAN world championships, in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Krista and I were both there as “sherpas,” helping friends.  We had this same idea for the business, and within the hour we had formed our company on the Queen K highway in the middle of a lava field!  Just lava and ideas, it was remarkable. Looking back, it means even more.



How long have you been at Forge?


We started a LLC in Virginia in 2012.  We went live January of 2013. We based in Virginia because my business partner lived there.  We realized quickly that really all we needed was a good internet connection and a good airport.  We laugh now because we call ourselves “Two Chicks and a Laptop!” We decided after five years that it was a really great time to move the company to Alabama, and to Birmingham specifically.  Birmingham is white-hot, it’s a great atmosphere, it’s a great community.


How has working at Forge helped your business process?


Having some experience in Alabama, I’ve always had a bit of a foot in Birmingham.  I saw this starting to take shape, I’ve always had an eye on Forge. When they opened, I thought that when we relocate the business, this could be a good fit.

I came on a free Friday, met people, experience Forge, and was just so productive.  It’s a great space to work, but they also provide things like mail retrieval, which as travellers, we have to have that.  It’s great to have someone getting our mail, those are practical needs that are being met by Forge. We have the support system in place for us to go out into the world and do our business.


Is there a sense of community working adjacent to other entrepreneurs?  Have you collaborated with any of your Forge neighbors?


This is a really great atmosphere.  It’s not just a place to work, it’s a real community of entrepreneurs.  Our attorney is around the corner, our accountants are around the corner.  We have a terrific setup here.



Do you have a favorite restaurant in the food hall?


Absolutely!  My favorite place in the food hall is Ono Poke, there’s a place in Kona that’s a poke bar, that serves exactly that type of food.  I love going down there for lunch, it reminds me of Hawaii. It’s very fitting, since we first got started in Hawaii.


What’s the biggest challenge of working independently?


It was a big leap, we went all in.  We invested our time and money to make this, and it’s a really awesome thing to be a part of.  The reward is that I can’t imagine being anywhere else. It’s a real privilege that we get to do this.  I can’t believe we’ve come this far.


My advice to anybody who’s out there in corporate America, looking out a window and feeling unfulfilled, my best advice is to organize yourself around what it is you want to do, and surround yourself with like-minded people.  Don’t put it off another day, do whatever you have to do to make it happen. We worked side jobs, freelance gigs.


What does 2018 look like for RaceQuest?  They’re finishing their official move to Forge.  Later this year, over 100 athletes are going with the company to this year’s Challenge Roth!

The Journey of Urban Cookhouse and Farm Bowl + Juice Co.

The Journey of Urban Cookhouse and Farm Bowl + Juice Co.

For our fourth Business Breakthrough Session, we had the pleasure of learning from Andrea Snyder, Founder of Urban Cookhouse and Farm Bowl + Juice Co. Urban Cookhouse is known for their fresh, locally sourced food and amazing customer service. Farm Bowl + Juice Co. is their newest creation with juice, smoothies and açaí bowls. Andrea mentioned that they are currently working on their third concept but she couldn’t give any hints at this time as to what it will be!



The foundation of their restaurants is about relationships. They focus heavily on the relationships with their farmers, employees and customers. Obviously buying local means that their food tastes better but they are able to have a huge economic impact to keep these farms in business. Their main egg farmer started with 9 chickens when Andrea first hired him and now he has over 9,000 chickens total!


Another huge component of their foundation is their commitment to developing great employees. They now have a total of 175 employees with the combination of Urban Cookhouse and Farm Bowl. Andrea said they focus on hiring right because one bad employee can cost them a lot of time and money in the long run. They want to train and teach their employees well and incentivize them through franchising opportunities and bonuses. Offer your employees a growth track!



Andrea talked about something she calls “drive by reviews.” They want to continually encourage employees in the moment- as soon as she sees them doing something good. And from time to time, she also has to be direct when someone needs improvement. Encouragement goes a long way!


Andrea provided a great analogy for us. If you think of each day having a total of 150% of available time, most business owners will spend the first 50% on the tyranny of the daily urgent tasks. Then the next 50% is spent on gathering and analyzing metrics of the business while the third 50% would be developing your employees.


But Andrea totally flip flops this structure. The first 50% must be spent on developing and pouring into your employees. She believes this is what has created a great culture for Urban Cookhouse so she will continue to prioritize their employees with Farm Bowl as well.





Over the last 8 years, Andrea has continued to come back to this same quote from Samuel Johnson:


“Life affords no higher pleasure than that of surmounting difficulties, passing from one step of success to another, forming new wishes and seeing them gratified.”



What about customer acquisition? Andrea believes the real estate of your restaurant is the most important. You must be in the center of the customer population you want and parking is so important- that is one reason they just relocated their Homewood Urban Cookhouse spot. Plus they were able to add a drive thru!



In order to truly give their customers the best experience possible, they hire a CEO at each location. But this specific CEO stands for Customer Experience Owner. Even though this position may not be the highest paid, this person is extremely important to the success of the location. This employee does anything from holding the door open for customers to getting a high chair for a baby. Adding this position to their company has had immeasurable benefits!


Andrea has a wealth of knowledge about what it truly takes to build amazing restaurants! We are so grateful she spent time with us at Forge. If you haven’t already, go check out their restaurants! And look out for whatever restaurant they develop in the near future!