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Building Birmingham Together

Coworking Spaces in Birmingham

With so much growth in businesses today, new and innovative ideas are leading to more startups and independent businesses. According to Huffington Post, 33% of the current workforce is independent or freelance, and this number is projected to grow to 40% by 2020....

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How to Make Your Contracts Enforceable

Josh Andrews of Gatehouse Law returned to Forge to teach his third Lunch & Learn focusing on the relationship between small business and legal. This time he focused on contracts and how we can enforce them- even if they aren't signed!     Let's start with the basics....

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Feeding Your Sales Funnel

We all know what a sales funnel is but we don't always know how to best implement it. Will Yarbrough of Fleetio came to Forge to teach us more about structuring your specific sales funnel and the model that Fleetio has found success with. We will hit the high points...

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