Josh Rhodes has led many organizations but currently he is the CEO of Big Lead Gen Inc. They generate leads for real estate agents and mortgage brokers. Josh is a founding Forge member and we asked him to share his online marketing tips at our December Lunch & Learn. Here’s a recap of what Josh taught us…



  1. Focus on getting the right offer, right medium and right audience.

You have to know your customer! And your audience dictates your offer. Know what channel you can use to interrupt someone’s life so they’ll buy your product or service.


2. The anatomy of good marketing starts with the story you tell.

The story doesn’t have to be long! It could simply be two pictures side by side- showing a before and after. You can tell the origin of your company, origin of your product or a customer success story.


3. Know that people are always buying for different reasons and you need to sell a bunch before you think you’ve got their motives figured out.

Just understand that people have many reasons for buying something- maybe because someone told them to or they wanted to try something new. Not always because your product looked really cool.


4. Get outside of your own assumptions of what the market wants.

You do not represent your customer so don’t assume that your customer wants the same exact things that you do. Josh’s company, Big Lead Gen, has taken over 10,000 phone calls with customers. Now they can understand their customer’s pains and needs…and finish their sentences!



5. Don’t build baseball fields in corn fields!

You can’t just build something and assume that people will come. You have to work to attract traffic and convert sales.



6. Understand traffic.

Traffic means the eyeballs and impressions that see your offer. There is cold, warm and hot traffic. Micro commitments from your sales funnel help customers move from cold to warm and warm to hot. Hot means they’ve got their credit card out and they’re ready to buy!


7. Think about your business through the lens of a funnel instead of a website.

Every business has a sales funnel- whether or not you realize it. Having a beautiful website is becoming less and less important. It’s much more important to move people through your sales funnel with micro commitments. This will change the way you market your business!


8. Automation trumps determination.


(Josh said he stole #8 and #9 from Casey Graham- creator of The 7 Figure CEO Podcast) You are only one person. You have to leverage automation. You will run out of time if you try to do it all by yourself.



9. Nail it, then scale it.


Don’t try to automate something you haven’t dominated yet. Get the repeatable unit scalable. Don’t try to cut corners- spend time refining the repeatable unit. Make sure you can sell with your eyes closed.


10. Leverage the power of contrast!


Before and after pictures are immensely helpful. Use success stories from customers.


11. Find the villain in your industry. If there’s not one, create it!

Attack the incumbent! Act like it’s only you two in the boxing ring. Josh gave the example of his own company as they are working in the real estate industry. Zillow is their villain! Customers relate to that.


12. Model the masters.


In our day and age, why would you ever try to start from scratch? Create your stuff based off what others in your industry are doing. But don’t plagiarize.




13. One One One Formula


This means focusing on one skill, one piece of technology/tool, one funnel/framework. Every business endeavor is energized by this formula! Attract traffic with your skill and convert sales with your funnel or framework.


14. Hire a coach….and not a free one.


If you want to go to the next level, you should pay for it. If you want fast forwarding for your business, you need to hire someone who has already been there.


We hope these marketing secrets have taught you something new or inspired you to try something new with your business! Thanks to Josh Rhodes for sharing his wisdom.


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